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Pastor: Reverend Monsignor Daniel J. Jurek
Address: 802 Middle Street
Prairie du Rocher, IL 62277
Phone: 618-284-3314


We, the people of St. Joseph Catholic Parish of Prairie du Rocher, Illinois, are called to give witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our worship and prayer, through the fostering of a community of faith and through service to our neighbors. We are centered in the Eucharist and united in the Holy Spirit, who empowers us to nurture our individual spiritual growth while caring for one another with compassion and love.

St. Joseph's and St. Leo's Churches
Answers to Confirmation Test

Memorandum From Vicar

O Antiphons

Parish - Resident Registration Form - (PDF)

The Synod on the Family Documents

The Pastoral Plan Bishop's Response

Parish Partnership:
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Red Bud, Illinois
St. Patrick's Church, Ruma, Illinois
Adorers of the Blood of Christ, Ruma, Illinois
Belleville Diocese Library
Diocese of Belleville Faith Formation Department

Annual Report 2015

Mercy Minute
Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time – September 24-25, 2016 - An awful thought. A scary reality.

I can be good tomorrow, we say. I can deal with that injustice next week, next month, next year, when the time is right, we say. The poor and hungry can surely wait. Well, Amos and Luke say otherwise. God is filled to the brim with pardon and mercy, with compassion, they say. All people that God loves are bound together, they say. The truth is, it is possible to run out of time to do good, God says. Do not be indifferent! So,

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